7 things to include in an agent bio.

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When potential clients find your website, they'll be looking for information about you and your expertise. The best way to share these details is with a bio that provides background on your real estate experience.

A study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 52% of home buyers found their homes on the internet, and that number is growing. Before clients reach out about a listing, they'll want to know the qualifications and background of the realtor.

Here are 7 things to include in an agent bio:

  1. State your real estate experience
  2. Convey your connection to the area you sell in.
  3. Emphasize the value you provide clients.
  4. Include any of your special designations.
  5. Provide past sales statistics
  6. Include any awards you’ve won
  7. Tell a story about your real estate experience that conveys your expertise to the client.


1. State your real estate experience.

Just like in any profession, prospective customers evaluate real estate agents based on their credibility and authority. They want to ensure they're making a good choice, selecting someone who won't waste their time or spoil the experience.


"I’ve spent two decades excelling in the competitive landscape of Houston real estate, establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent."

2. Convey your connection to the area you sell in.

It helps to have an agent who knows the local area and is familiar with the ebbs and flows of its market. For this reason, people with a background in the local area should convey it in their bio.

  • How long have you lived here?
  • What do you like about living here?
  • Did you go to school here?
  • How have you served the community?


"As an Austin native, I have intimate knowledge of the area and a strong desire to make my home your home."

3. Emphasize the value you provide clients.

Ultimately, you'll want to convey what you offer clients that your competitors don't. Avoid emphasizing abstract statements like "I provide great customer service" because anyone can claim it. Instead, highlight what makes you unique.


"My business is built on communication, dedication, and transparency. This recipe has helped me rise to the top 5% of commercial real estate agents nationwide by sales volume."

4. Include any of your special designations (if applicable).

If you've done any continuing education or certifications, you have a deeper and richer understanding of the profession. This can benefit your clients greatly. It also helps to further your credibility.


"When you combine Julie's real estate experience with her extensive training, her clients always win. Her designations include the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) and the Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB)."

5. Provide any past sales statistics (if applicable).

Numbers serve as quantitative "proof" of your claims, so don't shy away from providing them.

  • How many families have you served?
  • How much in sales have you secured for sellers?
  • How do you rank among agents in your brokerage?


"With my sharp knowledge of the local market, I've helped over 500 families in the Lakeview area find their dream home — and I'm confident I can help you find yours too."

6. Include any awards you've won (if applicable).

If you're an award-winning agent, prospects will view you as an authority and will be more likely to trust you. Don't be afraid to brag. You earned those awards on your own merit.


"Awarded Syracuse's #1 Top Sales Producer in 2022, Laura has built a reputation for her savvy negotiations, uncompromising integrity, and cutting-edge marketing strategies."

7. Tell a story or include personal information about yourself.

The goal of your bio isn't just to get potential clients to trust you. It's also about getting them to know and like you. Behind that headshot is a human with interests and hobbies, so break the ice by providing some of that context.


"Born and raised in Chicago to an architect and real estate investor, Anthony has the ideal foundation for selling homes."

Bonus Tip. Choose the right headshot for your bio.

You don't have to pay a professional photographer to take your bio photo if you're just getting started, but it's important to ensure it looks professional. It's also important to avoid using a selfie.

When it comes to your bio photo, you have several choices you can choose from. Here are some ideas and what they say about you.

  • A serious headshot with your arms crossed. This kind of headshot presents you as a professional. It also represents expertise and authority.
  • A casual photo. A fun or casual photo shows your clients that you're approachable. Besides being a professional, they can expect to deal with someone who understands their daily struggles.
  • A group photo. In most cases, a group photo works with people who want to attract people based on their contributions. For example, if you mention you use a certain percentage of your proceeds to help the community, you could use a photo of you doing a community project.



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