Are you a real estate agent who’s ever thought, “I wish there was an alternative to Zillow where I could build my own brand and retain my clients?” We hear this concern frequently, and we understand it completely. Zillow might be popular, but it doesn't necessarily cater to the needs of individual agents or those who want to establish a stronger brand identity.

That's why we decided to create an answer to this pressing issue. Our co-founder, Jake, took the initiative to develop a robust solution: a personalized platform that integrates directly with multiple listing services and Google Maps. This innovation has enabled us to replicate a platform akin to Zillow, but with one vital difference - it's customizable for every real estate agent.

With our platform, each agent can possess their own map home search, designed to suit their specific business model and branding. This means agents no longer need to redirect their clients to third-party platforms. Instead, they can keep their clients within their own professional sphere, nurturing trust and dependability.

One of the best parts about this new platform is its affordability. We're offering this service for only $20. We believe that every agent should have the ability to control their own real estate search platform, without breaking the bank.

However, we didn't stop at just a home search feature. As our platform has evolved, we've added an array of tools to further enhance the real estate experience for agents. From CRM tools to content editors, we've integrated an assortment of features to streamline the workflow and increase productivity.

In conclusion, we're proud to offer a solution that promotes brand-building and client retention for real estate agents. With our platform, we're shifting the real estate digital landscape, empowering agents to own their home search process.

Stay tuned as we continue to expand our platform with more innovative features to meet the growing needs of today’s real estate agents.

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