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Building Your Village: The Team Behind It

Every agent has a unique story, filled with challenges and triumphs. We created Listing Village to stand by your side, offering free tools to simplify the complex.

Jacob Fry
Tech Wizard

Jacob is the brains behind Listing Village's smooth and user-friendly system. With a deep understanding of MLS data, he ensures that our platform is always up-to-date and easy for agents to use. Trust in Jacob's expertise to provide you with reliable and straightforward tools that set you up for success.

Carmen Mallard
Agent Ally

Carmen is here to make your Listing Village experience exceptional. As a licensed REALTOR®, she knows the ins and outs of the industry and combines it with her knack for online content. Carmen's got your back, guiding you with practical tips and strategies to shine online. Count on her dedication to making your journey with us smooth and successful.

Matt Young
Platform Prodigy

Matt is here to simplify tech for agents at Listing Village. With a family background in real estate and years of helping agents like you, he knows just how to blend technology and realty. Rely on Matt to give you the right tools and tips, making technology your ally in every deal. With Matt, you're always tech-ready and a step ahead.

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Why Real Estate Agents Love Listing Village

  • Cost to Start with Listing Village: There's no cost to begin. Charges only arise if you decide to upgrade AI capabilities, customize the domain name, add more than three content posts, or link your social media.
  • Client Data Security: Our paramount concern. We employ the latest encryption and uphold the best industry standards to keep your data protected.
  • Distinctiveness of Listing Village: Our platform offers comprehensive tools, such as AI assistants and unique market insights. Features like Market Mover give agents a competitive edge with exclusive off-market listings.
  • Technical Expertise for Set-Up: None required! Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth onboarding process in just five minutes, with AI and guides available for assistance.
  • Integration with Current Systems: We offer seamless integration with local MLS IDX data feeds and tools to enhance your existing website for a smooth transition.
  • Support Post Sign-Up: Our 24/7 AI assistants and dedicated support team ensure you're always equipped to tackle any challenges or queries.
  • Role of the AI Assistant: Powered by the advanced ChatGPT-4 API, they facilitate tasks like content creation and listing management, optimizing your workflow.
  • Market Mover Feature: A visual update stream on new listings, neighborhood happenings, off-market deals, and open houses. This mobile-friendly layout provides exclusive property insights not found on other platforms.
  • Ad System Mechanics: Create ads effortlessly for platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram. All ads made on our platform directly go live on your connected social media, amplifying your listing's reach.
  • Using Custom Emails: With us, get a professional email address aligned with your custom domain, thereby boosting your brand's image while preserving your existing communication setup.

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