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  • Cost to Start with Listing Village: There's no cost to begin. Charges only arise if you decide to upgrade AI capabilities, customize the domain name, add more than three content posts, or link your social media.
  • Client Data Security: Our paramount concern. We employ the latest encryption and uphold the best industry standards to keep your data protected.
  • Distinctiveness of Listing Village: Our platform offers comprehensive tools, such as AI assistants and unique market insights. Features like Market Mover give agents a competitive edge with exclusive off-market listings.
  • Technical Expertise for Set-Up: None required! Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth onboarding process in just five minutes, with AI and guides available for assistance.
  • Integration with Current Systems: We offer seamless integration with local MLS IDX data feeds and tools to enhance your existing website for a smooth transition.
  • Support Post Sign-Up: Our 24/7 AI assistants and dedicated support team ensure you're always equipped to tackle any challenges or queries.
  • Role of the AI Assistant: Powered by the advanced ChatGPT-4 API, they facilitate tasks like content creation and listing management, optimizing your workflow.
  • Market Mover Feature: A visual update stream on new listings, neighborhood happenings, off-market deals, and open houses. This mobile-friendly layout provides exclusive property insights not found on other platforms.
  • Ad System Mechanics: Create ads effortlessly for platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram. All ads made on our platform directly go live on your connected social media, amplifying your listing's reach.
  • Using Custom Emails: With us, get a professional email address aligned with your custom domain, thereby boosting your brand's image while preserving your existing communication setup.

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