How to Succeed as a Young Real Estate Agent

As young Americans turn 18 years of age, they’re afforded a multitude of new freedoms but one such liberty, sometimes overlooked, is the ability to secure a real estate license. At least, that’s the case in most states (always check with your local real estate regulatory body’s requirements). So for many ambitious young real estate hopefuls, who’d rather be “making scratch” rather than scratching tickets at a gas station, that’s great news, because getting an early start can prove to be seriously beneficial in the long run.


To their credit, young agents have a knack for tech, are social media naturals, and have time to build an impressive real estate business. This guide will lay the foundation for just that, and help young agents prepare for a sustained future in the real estate industry.


1. Choose a Supportive Brokerage

Choosing the right brokerage can make all of the difference. With a supportive brokerage, young professionals can get a feel for the myriad aspects of the real estate industry including, but not limited to marketing, using CRMs (customer relationship management platforms), the art of the follow up, administrative duties, placing offers, staging homes, hosting open houses, negotiating, and how to relate to the various types of buyers.


2. Find a Real Estate Mentor

Before many successful real estate agents came successful mentors. Real estate is an industry where finding a great mentor can really slingshot a career. Young agents not only get to learn the ropes, but they also get to practice the habits of success, draw on years of experience, make new connections, maybe get a referral or two, and witness the power of a great real estate company culture.


3. Start by Co-Listing Properties

Agents that are still new may want to hone their skills by co-listing properties. By co-listing with a more experienced agent, less experienced agents will get a feel for things like staging the property, creating the listing, marketing, and fielding offers. Once those skills are mastered, the young agent should see higher returns on future listings.


4. Invest in Your Real Estate Marketing

We don’t believe you need to make your first sale before you can market yourself as a real estate agent. Start for free with us and build your career today.

5. Network

Networking to real estate is like motor oil to a car; it’s essential for continued smooth operation and longevity. Young agents will find, or be told by their mentors, that building and nurturing relationships is always a good thing, and that a strong network is ether for success in almost any industry at almost any time.


6. Stay up to Date on Your Local Market

Experienced agents have spent a lot of time establishing themselves as the “thought leaders” in a given housing market. Young agents, too, will have to do the same. By closely monitoring the local market, then communicating those findings accurately, agents can both keep their brand top of mind and build trust with clients.


7. Continue Learning

The sooner an agent adopts the “always a student” mentality, the better. It doesn’t matter where a real estate agent is in their career, the best real estate agents are generally those that keep an open mind, don’t allow their egos to stymie their vision, and possess an insatiable need to better themselves through learning.


8. Stay Organized

There’s an inherent relationship between organization and efficiency. It’s no secret that real estate transactions can be somewhat complex and intricate, as there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of coordination involved. To make the most of it, and to start seeing returns, young agents should remain as organized as possible


9. Believe in Yourself and Don't get Discouraged

The struggle is real estate. Nobody ever said being a real estate agent was an easy get-rich-quick opportunity. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The most successful agents have often put years of hard work and dedication into getting where they are.


When times get tough, it can be discouraging but the truth is nearly every agent has felt that way. If things don’t seem to be working, that’s okay, take a deep breath, pivot, and use that ambition to march forward. Long-time agents will say that there are many paths to success in real estate, sometimes it just takes a bit to find the right one.


10. Maintain Work-Life Balance

One of the greatest benefits of working in real estate is the ability to set one’s own schedule around the things they value. Now, agents are people too, so it’s important to never overlook the importance of work-life balance. After all, most clients, especially when they’re making a big decision like purchasing a property, want to work with happy passionate agents. Self-care, in a roundabout way, is client care.

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